Selling 100 EOS (cryptocurrency), 15% below  - $4.50 USD Listing ID: 88973

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Listing Began: Aug 14
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I have a great opportunity to buy a cheap crypto mining equipment, so i decided to sell my 100 EOS for price a bit lower than market price. You have a high potential to make more money by holding token to his previuos high rate. EOS is in top 10 cryptocurencies right now with high capatalization and investors are interested in that coin. So, price will grow in the future for sure and you could earn some money with that. Current EOS price: ~5,2$. All time high was reached 29 april 2018: 22,47$. Now price is very juicy to buy and I'm selling it for 4,5$ per coin. Exchange ways: WM, PM, Paypal, cash in safe public place, secured btc payment. Minimum amount to sell: 10 EOS. Contacts:

QC-138, Québec, Канада